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Polymer Clay Techniques and Tips For Beginners

Should you wish to make your personal unique polymer clay creations, go through the next few suggestions and techniques for newbies.

To get going, the two main things you will require are polymer clay as well as a stove. Then you should find yourself a neat craft surface area- (the area where you are going to work). Keep in mind that unbaked clay might harm your wooden/plastic counter surface. Nonetheless, glass or marble surface areas are really appropriate for crafting with polymer clay, because it can’t damage them by any means whatsoever. However you are able to also tape a large piece of wax paper (or possibly any kind of paper) on your counter.

A few of the tools that you simply need (to craft with polymer clay) are a toothpick or a needle – they can be usually employed to puncture holes within the clay- a knife to slice your clay, sharpened blades (for polymer bonded clay canes) and also gloss – for your completed designs.

When you make certain that you simply have got all tools referred to above along with a good work surface you can begin designing your works of art. I’d personally advise getting started with basic polymer clay figures like donuts, toy dolls, little plants, and so forth. You can convert them into bracelets, chains, and cellular phone straps.

When you become more great at crafting with clay, you are able to begin using the so named clay pasta machine. It certainly makes blending polymer clay shades and rolling clay sheets a whole lot easier and most importantly cleaner.

Polymer Clay Pasta Machine

Cookie cutters are a good device to construct unique models whenever using polymer clay. You are able to obtain these in many hobby shops, nonetheless, if there’s no such retailer around your home, it is possible to buy the cookie cutters on-line. The variety of unique polymer clay cookie cutters shapes as well as molds is unbelievable. They are available in all varieties of sizes as well.

Cookie Cutters

Well, I suppose all this must get you started out with polymer clay. Finally you understand exactly what a polymer clay pasta unit is, the reason why it is so necessary and a wide variety of other important things, all of which I’m hoping were useful.


Interesting Facts About Polymer Clay

Polymer clay is a sculptable material produced from the polymer-bonded polyvinyl chloride (PVC).
It is sold primarily in craft and hobby shops and is utilized by artists, crafters, kids and just people that have probably the most impressive handcrafted jewelry.
Here are some fascinating details about this amazing material.
1. The versatility of polymer clay makes it particular. It really is available in a huge variety of colors and what is more- you can easily blend paints (polymer paints are more suitable!) with polymer clay in order to make your personal distinctive colors.

2. Polymer clay could really be employed in numerous different methods. You’ll be able to cover every little thing with it so long as it does not get damaged from the heat throughout the clay baking procedure. Wooden boxes and picture frames may also be covered with polymer clay.

3. Most of all polymer clay is employed in creating jewelry, necklaces, beads, charms and many others. Buttons, miniature sculptures and also figurines are also excellent items to create with this sort of clay.

4. Polymer clay has become extremely popular these days because of the fact that a great deal of consumers had been influenced by the polymer clay guides on YouTube that improve daily and this kind of jewelry is becoming a new trade amongst young individuals. These days, almost all of the jewelry shops sell polymer clay jewelry-not only custom made, but in addition mass made. There is a huge variety of polymer clay crafting tools and machines on the market. Probably the most well-liked brands of polymer clay are FIMO, SCULPEY, CERNIT.

5. Translucent polymer clay- for those who have by no means heard of it check out the following explanation: it can be used in just the identical manner as other polymer bonded clays: it could be mixed with other different colors of clay, with glitter, cosmetics powders and so on. It is essentially utilized to make items that glow in the dark. This effect is truly incredible and extremely requested by consumers.

6. The strange name- FIMO– is actually one of a German ancestry. It was 1st utilized by 1 German doll maker who was named Kathe Kruse. The toy doll maker had seen the polymer clay material as a very applicable replacement for a multitude of various plastic substances that had been still in use during the after-war period and also the late thirties and forties. When research workers discovered that plastic would not in fact be appropriate for what Frau (Mrs.) Kruse had in his thoughts, she turned the concept and also the product over to her child- a daughter with all the nickname Fifi. The polymer clay then became known as Fifi’s Modelling Compound. This product was later sold to a organization, which marketed it with the name FIMO. The business took the initial 2 letters from Fifi’s name and bundled them using the initial two letters of an additional word- modeling. So, the exciting new item became well-known under the name FIMO.